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Not Just a Flush in the Pan


On the morning of my ‘loo tour’ of London, I received an email instructing me to meet at the Waterloo Station toilets, accompanied by the instruction ‘look out for the woman with the toilet plunger (I am usually the only one).’ I had a feeling this wouldn’t be the most generic tour I’d ever been on…

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?


With its streets historically rife with crime and poverty, fans of the paranormal flock to Edinburgh; a city steeped in gruesome history. In the dark, dank depths of its underbelly lies a labyrinth of vaults with their own tales to tell. In order to access these vaults and learn their secrets, you need a guide who knows every twist and turn like the back of their hand. That’s where Auld Reekie Tours can help. So called because of the unbearable ‘old smelly’ or ‘old smoky’ odour and smog that hung over the city, Auld Reekie Tours promise to take you on a journey into the darker side of Edinburgh.

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Talking to the Animals

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Tucked down a side street just a stone’s throw away from London Bridge Station is a town house where Tasha Lewis and her unusual colleagues spend their working day. Animal lover Tasha has a simple goal for her business; to share her menagerie of animals with others by passing on her knowledge, awareness and respect for all Living Things.

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The G-Team in Edinburgh


One of the (many) perks of having Groupon merchants all over the UK, is that we get to visit them. I do love a good holiday and how on earth can you call it work when you get to board a train to Edinburgh and soak up the sights.

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Chocks Away!


On a foggy spring morning, the Case Study team headed up to South Yorkshire to film merchant Will talking about his unusual business and their long and successful partnership with Groupon. Specialising in vintage aviation experiences, Blue Eye Aviation are a bunch of flight fanatics with a penchant for WWII aircraft. In one of our chats leading up to the day of filming, Will had mentioned that if there was time, he’d let me have a go in one of the planes. I’m sure I’d heard ‘loop the loop’ mentioned, maybe I’d imagined it…

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