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Groupon overhauls website to become a true online marketplace



Site redesign and updated mobile apps bring even more great deals to UK customers


August 19, 2014. LONDON – Groupon today announced a completely redesigned UK website, as well as updated versions of its popular iPhone and Android apps. These changes are the latest step in the company’s transition from a daily deal website to a true online marketplace, making it easier for customers to browse Groupon’s vast selection of deals.


“In the four years since Groupon launched in the UK, the number and variety of deals have grown rapidly,” said Tamer Tamar, Senior Vice President, Groupon EMEA. “Groupon UK has added thousands of new deals across local, product and travel in the last year alone. Our new site and mobile apps mean you can quickly find exactly what you want to do or buy, anytime, anywhere.”


The latest version of the website was rolled out first in the United States in November 2013. In addition to a range of new search, browse and location features, the website has a sophisticated, uncluttered look, with a white, rather than green, background.


Highlights of the new website include:


● Homepage: A prominently displayed search bar at the top of the page, with type-ahead suggestions that allow customers to easily find the type of deal they’re looking for.

● Robust search filters: Every search result is displayed along with a set of easy-to-use filters that enable customers to drill deeper into specific categories based on their interests.

● Improved images: An innovative carousel design means customers can see more images from merchants, more clearly.

● Deal collections: Curated collections of deals based on moments in time, like Christmas, provide doorways into different areas of Groupon’s massive inventory of deals.

● Market Picks: Groupon Getaways has partnered with Expedia® Affiliate Network to offer customers thousands of hotel deals worldwide. Hotels suggested through Market Picks offer great value for money and have high review scores. In addition, customers who book selected hotels through Market Picks will receive 5% back in Groupon Credit. This credit can be spent on other great Groupon deals.


Groupon has also updated its iPhone and Android apps. Groupon apps have been downloaded more than 90 million times in 43 countries worldwide. App updates include:


● Nearby: A tab in the mobile app enables customers to see what Groupon deals are closest to them, whether it’s in their neighbourhood or another city.

● Search: Like the website, a search bar provides quick access to Groupon’s marketplace of deals.


With these faster and more intuitive ways for customers to explore and buy deals, Groupon has made it easier than ever to shop for the perfect product or experience.

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