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Getting down & dirty with Danny Cipriani

As you may remember, we featured a charity boot camp super-deal on the Groupon site, led by Rugby superstar Danny Cipriani. In conjunction with Walker Brothers Fitness, Danny would be showing others how to scrum down for summer, with a fun-filled and exhilarating boot camp session, all to help support the pioneering medical work carried out by Heart Research UK.


Unfortunately we had to postpone the eagerly anticipated day due to Danny being involved in an unfortunate accident, and his subsequent recovery period. We’re pleased to reveal that on Saturday, Danny was back on form and able to lead the class on Clapham Common for the 15 lucky winners!



Groupon Partner Manager Kate Connolly was lucky enough to be in attendance, and brings you her exclusive report of the days proceedings! Enjoy


“There are very few reasons that I would voluntarily get out of bed before 7am on a Saturday morning – but Danny Cipriani would definitely be one of them! So that’s how I found myself last Saturday; out on Clapham Common, getting ready for a charity boot camp session with Walker Bros Fitness and Cipriani himself, in aid of raising funds and awareness for Heart Research UK.



When we ran the feature on Groupon back in April, we received over 1500 entrants, all keen to win the chance to work up a sweat with a true rugby legend whilst donating to a great cause. We arrived early to set up for the 10 winners and their lucky friends who were coming down for the day.


Even at 8.30am there was a great buzz on the common, which was already occupied by a few fellow exercisers and lots of couples with children and dogs. The kids were especially curious as to what was going on, coming up to look at the pyramid of promotional Groupon rugby balls which were on display for Danny to sign later. We even managed to get a few donations for Heart Research UK from their parents at the same time.



By 11am, everything was ready. Danny had arrived in advance for promotional photos, Steve Walker from Walker Bros was there with his kit (including tyres, kegs, boxing gloves and pads and weights!), and the competition winners had been collected and were raring to go. We ended up with a very jolly group, ranging from younger pairs of friends to one older, married couple, who were clearly huge Danny and rugby fans. We were especially lucky as it was a beautiful morning, and the rain held off until the moment the boot camp ended. Both Danny and Steve Walker managed to keep the tone light by cracking some classic jokes whilst simultaneously getting our heart rates up with the exercise routines.



All in all it was a great day. I even (voluntarily) ran 5k the next day – not that I’m a glutton for punishment, but if Danny Cipriani can’t kick start my beach-babe body this summer I don’t know who can!”




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