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Getting to Grips with The Groupon Gators

By now you’ve probably realised that Groupon Towers is a hub of sporting activity. We’ve introduced you to our Groupon netball team (The G-Unit), and recently showed you some of the great effort our staff put in at the recent Race for Life event.


However, one of our most successful sporting teams has managed to elude the blog for far too long; but we’ve finally managed the get hold of Groupon football team (a.k.a “The Groupon Gators”), as they embark on their toughest challenge yet – The Corporate Games 2013. We sat down with Deal Scheduler and team captain Jaymin, who gives us the low-down.

What are the Corporate Games all about?


“The Corporate Games is a global tournament in which the biggest companies compete against each other in a range of sports. This year’s UK competition is being held in Coventry on 6th/7th July and Groupon is entering a team – The Groupon Gators”


Why are you and the guys getting involved?


“The competition is an excellent opportunity for Groupon to represent ourselves alongside the largest companies in the world, within a friendly, sporting environment. The event also works in conjunction with Macmillan Cancer Support, which makes it that much more worthwhile, and the perfect event to get involved in as part of our Employee Volunteering Programme. It’s also a really good chance for the lads to get to know each other a bit better – cross-departmental bonding is very important.”


What are your hopes for the tournament?


“We play in a 5-a-side league in Southwark and always perform well – we’ve won the top league 3 times! This however is a completely different kettle of fish, but we will go in full of confidence – we want to be champions!”


What’s next for you and the team?


“We have a really good bunch of lads and we play well together. I’m sure we will continue to dominate the London leagues for the foreseeable future.”


In your honest opinion, who’s the best player on the team?


“I mean…just because I’m the focal point of the team, the creator, the link-up man, the goalscorer, the leader…doesn’t necessarily mean I’m the best player. Appiah’s strength, Aman’s trickery, Keaton’s determination, Larne’s industry, Paget’s ‘no-look’ technique, Wilson’s vision and Jeremy’s hands of steel – we make for a very dangerous 5-a-side team.”


Anything else you’d like to add?


“Not really – just wish us luck!”



We’ll be keeping you updated with the lads’ progression over the weekend via our Groupon UK Twitter channel, so do keep an eye out and feel free to tweet some words of encouragement to the Gators.


Good luck guys!



  1. Joanna Chamberlain
    July 5, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Good luck guys! Bring that trophy home!!!

  2. Hailey W.
    July 5, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    I think this is awesome and I am so proud of the Gators for getting involved in such a wonderful initiative. It is staff-led events like this that build the culture in a business and I think it is great to see so many people from different departments on a regular basis to participate in a shared passion. Kick some serious butt this weekend!

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