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New York is a non-stop hub of razzamatazz, colour and New World charm characterised by a wealth of global iconography and a flurry of cultural diversity. The result is an imposing meeting of proud period buildings and gleaming skyscrapers, all metered by the tranquil greenery of Central Park and expansive Atlantic waterways licking at Manhattan’s shore.


Keen to get the lowdown on the New York’s key attractions, we sent self-confessed Yankophile, Amadeus Finlay, on a tour around the City that Never Sleeps.



1) Time Square


All the lights, sights and sounds of New York converge in this explosion of colour in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Bars, clubs and restaurants are a-plenty, and are all crowned by the infamous central billboard of One Time Square.


2) Statue of Liberty


Hop on a boat and head out into New York Harbour to see America’s most famous First Lady. Not only is the statue itself worth a gander, but the view of southern Manhattan is second to none.


3) The National Museum of the American Indian at Gustav Heye, Bowling Green


No visit to the USA is complete without getting in touch with the country’s original inhabitants. Located moments from the Statue of Liberty tour docks, this grand building now hosts a museum dedicated to the Native American peoples. One of the many highlights is a shirt that belonged to the great Lakota warrior, Crazy Horse.


4) American Museum of Natural History


From dinosaurs to stuffed bison, this place is a marvel. Go, just go!




5) Downtown Manhattan


Take a few hours and go for a wander around New York’s most famous district. It is worth every second.


6) Horse and Buggy Tour


Head to Central Park and hop on one of the city’s more refined attractions. It is all rather grand and quite good fun. The drivers are quite knowledgeable too.


7) Central Park


While you’re there, you may as well go for a wander around the city’s most famous green space.



8) McSorley’s Old Ale House, East Village


Wanna feel like a cowboy? If so, take a step back in time as you visit a proper, old-fashioned drinking hole. The place has not changed in over a century, and still has sawdust covering the floors. There are two drinks on offer; light beer or dark beer.


9) Crocodile Lounge, East Village


A simple, no frills bar, but with one massive attraction… each time you buy a drink, you get a free, freshly-baked pizza. No joke!


10) Empire State Building


An absolute must-do is to take a trek to the top of the Empire State Building. Not only will you get to visit one of New York’s most iconic buildings, but you will be treated with a view of the city that is second to none.


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  1. alana
    September 6, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    IM interested on known the groupon deal you have to New York.

    • Wasim
      September 6, 2013 at 2:22 pm

      Hi Alana. The deal seems to have been very popular and sold out – sorry. Keep checking the site daily though, as another New York deal may feature soon. Thanks

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