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An Unexpected Journey

For those of you who don’t know me and haven’t seen BBC3’s ‘The Insider‘, I’m Millie, and I’m proud to say I’ve just won what some might consider a dream job at Groupon.


My role is to work with both customers and partnering businesses to create the best customer experience possible, and I’ll be looking at what’s hot both locally and nationally, and then translating those trends into new and exciting Groupon experiences. In a nutshell, I will be your go-to-girl for cool stuff to do in your local area.


The best part? I’ll be trying out these experiences and reporting back to you. I’ve done a couple already, which I will reveal over the next few weeks. I quite fancy getting my teeth into something a bit mad at the moment; I’ve got my eye on a snail facial…



That said, my path to Groupon hasn’t been as straightforward as it may seem. Half of the struggle in life is knowing what you want to do, and like most teenagers I had no idea what I really wanted to do with mine.


At the age of 18, after a manic 6 months in the Swiss alps, I accepted a place at The University of Sussex to study Politics – a decision I later regretted when I realised it was really not what I wanted to do. So after a year of dragging myself to lectures and churning out essays, I decided I would pack it in and get stuck into something more ‘me’.



I stayed in Brighton for 2 years, working in bars to support myself while I built up a portfolio as I toyed with the idea of doing a Fashion degree. I went from serving drinks in clubs to management, PR and marketing, and learnt that it isn’t the degree which necessarily gives you the skills you need to succeed.



My next step was a move to London, and though I had little experience in fashion, I applied for anything and everything on job sites and social media. I then came across a tweet that said ‘Fashion Assistant wanted for tomorrow morning’ and replied on the off chance the still wanted someone. They did, and that was my foot in the door.


From then on, I kept on applying and chatting to whoever I could until I managed to land a job with a fashion stylist as her assistant. To make ends meet I worked nights in a club and with the fashion stylist (Katy) during the day; having the time of my life browsing the latest collections and trends, attending press days, blogging about my fashion escapades, and choosing the clothes for shoots featured in some of the best fashion magazines.



Eventually I began to realise working both day and nights was total overkill, and I started looking for a job that I would love, would give me the perfect balance between my professional skills and personality, and one which actually meant I could have a life. Honestly, I don’t ask for much.


I stumbled upon a job description online and thought ‘a ten day, filmed interview for an impossibly cool job? Good lord that looks terrifying but definitely worth a go’.




The rest, as they say, is history.



If there’s something you’d like to see tried and tested by your very own Groupon guinea pig, feel free to tweet me your suggestions @HumphriesMillie with the hashtag #AskMillie



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  1. Carole Moody
    September 30, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    Well done Camilla. This was forwarded on by your Granma. Best of luck. Sounds terrific. I am already a commited Groupon buyer.
    Carole x

    • Millie
      October 2, 2013 at 9:35 am

      Thank you Carole, really kind of you to comment here. Glad to hear you’re already a committed Groupon-er! Hope you’re well x

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