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Mind, Body & Spirit Festival


Devoted to the pursuit of healthier, more fulfilling and more creative lifestyles, Mind Body and Spirit Festival was the first of its kind. The four day festival is now the largest and longest running wellbeing event in the world, attracting spiritual seekers from across the globe. With this year’s festival bringing with it over 100 of the industry’s most cutting edge exhibitors, therapists, authors and experts, I wanted to find out how Mind Body and Spirit is good for the soul.




There was definitely a lot to look at. Futuristic technological contraptions, tents, massage chairs, jewels, yoga demonstrations and hoards of books. How would I ever decide where to start? That question swiftly answered as tall bearded man loomed towards me with a handful of green foliage. ‘Are you a medium?’ he asked. ‘No, I’m a blogger’ I guffawed, on the one hand finding it hilarious but also flattered that I appeared to be emanating such mystic vibes. ‘A what?’ he asked, with the blankest expression I have ever seen and unfortunately my explanation was met with an equally incredulous look. The man explained to me that the bunch of vegetation he was brandishing was dried sage, and that he would use it to cleanse me. He then proceeded to do so, lighting the end of the bunch and wafting it around me. ‘I don’t feel any different’, I said as we parted ‘but its fine…i enjoyed the smell.’




Excited to see what other strange experiences the day had in store, me and my newly cleansed soul trotted off to browse other interesting stalls the exhibit had to offer. There was an astounding array of spiritual knick knackery from self-help books, to stacks of candles and towers of tarot decks. Drawn to one particular stall which sold heaps of incense in beautiful, vivid colours, I spent a good half an hour going through each scent individually, trying to work out which was my favourite.




Passing guides and gurus working calmly and methodically on their subjects, realised just how much variety the festival has to offer. A dimly lit tent hosting psychic readings was pitched next to a stall selling organic beauty products and alternative medicines; while on the other side, a yoga demonstration was taking place. The space allows you to get involved in as little or as much as you wish, even giving you the opportunity to slip away from the crowds and into the calm of the meditation tent.




Towards the end of the day, I stumbled upon another deliciously colourful stall, this time piled with gemstones of every shade, size and shape. As a child, I had been an avid collector of gemstones and enjoyed sorting them into little drawers, organising them by colour. ‘See!’ I thought gleefully, like a kid in a sweet shop, ‘there’s something here for everyone!’




I was about to make my way towards the exit when I passed a man in a red and yellow waistcoat, patrolling back and forth in front of a small, circular tent filled with cushions and crossed legged people. I shuffled nervously outside, wondering if I should venture in until the man guided me forwards, exclaiming ‘come into the love tent, she’s just about to start’. ‘Great!’ I beamed, wondering if in half an hour’s time I’d be holding hands and swaying with the people inside.




Entrepreneur and psychic to the stars Tiffany Wardle introduced herself and explained that she’d teach us how to ‘Love the Life You’re Living and Live the Life You Love’. The general vibe was how we’re all connected and that if we want something enough, we can get it if we give out positive energy. She also suggested we ‘ahhh’ in the morning to express our purpose for the day, and ‘ommm’ in the evening, to say thanks to the universe. I thought that sounded quite good so I promised myself I would try it for at least a week (i’m still going).


Tiffany’s talk was really interesting and I took away loads of things I could apply to my everyday life. Exploring my spiritual side got me thinking and I went on my merry way- one step forward along the path to enlightenment. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there was no hand holding.


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  1. S hatherley
    June 4, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Often wondered what this exhibition was like, and never been – thanks for going for me, made me smile…ohmmmmm

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