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A quiet envy. We’ve all been there.

You go for a meal with your partner or family at the local Italian. You’ve been plenty of times before.  You’re politely greeted, seated and offered menus to peruse.

As the “are we doing starters” discussion comes into play –  that couple walks in.  The one who knows all the waiters. The one the owner approaches with an enthusiastic handshake (double-handed) and asks after “the family” and remarks “how long it’s been since we’ve seen you”. They are then promptly led to a prime table by the window, while they chat some more with the owner and a bottle of their usual wine is poured before they’ve even removed their coats.

You return to your menu, secretly wishing you’d asked the waiter something other than if the olives came pitted? A goal for next time.

Groupon Asks will help you get to know your local businesses on a more personal level.  To hear directly from the people behind the scenes, their stories and how they’ve come to set up their services. Through entertaining interviews with our merchants, Groupon customers will gain an insight not only into the businesses they’re dealing with – but the wonderful people, too.

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