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The Only Way Is 3D Lipo


With the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reporting a dramatic 41% rise in liposuction last year, it’s no wonder we’re increasingly looking to non- invasive ways of banishing the bulge. Backed by both Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton and Lord Sugar himself, 3D Lipo is an award winning system which allows clinicians to create a bespoke slimming and sculpting program for you and your needs, without you going under the knife.

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Locks, Lashes and Lipstick


Having worked on fashion shoots in the past, I’m no stranger to the skills of makeup artists (AKA miracle workers) who can turn a tired eyed, dull skinned model into a glamorous, glowing goddess. They make it look easy, right? If you’re like me and attempting to recreate looks from your favourite magazines results in ‘two black eyes’ effect as opposed to sexy and sultry, here’s where Remy, Serena and Micky come in. The dynamic trio make up Face Addict Hair Junkie; three ladies whose history designing and producing looks for fashion editorial, runways, music videos and more has given them a reputation across the industry as a brand to watch. With an ethos all about sharing their extensive beauty knowledge and experience with us mere mortals, surely they could teach even moi how to scrub up properly.

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The Juice is Worth the Squeeze


With Christmas and New Year a distant memory, by mid January I was still staring at a handful of Quality Street, the last chocolatey hurrah from my season of gluttony. The fear of flab suddenly struck me and I vowed to get my butt into gear and get healthy again. The month of new years resolutions, detoxes and flings with the local gym was already well under way and something needed to change. Fast.

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A Treatment Best Taken With a Pinch Of Salt


Over the past year or so, spa trends have become seriously ‘space age’. With the invention of antigravity massage chairs, pools and floatation pods; pamper addicts are becoming increasingly demanding for a piece of the future. With a celeb following and numerous psychological & physical benefits, ‘floating’ is the number one best seller within this futuristic frenzy. Floating takes place inside a floatation pod or tank in water is kept at body temperature to make you feel light as a feather, essentially leaving you ache and stress free.

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Beauty is in the Eye-lashes of the Beholder


As someone whose beauty regimes and makeup talents can only be described as basic, I can never be bothered with the faff of ‘falsies’. Always an ordeal, there’s either way too much glue or not enough and when you finally get them on they’re wonky, or your eye feels like it’s stuck shut. You spend the night with them poking in your eyes and you find one later on, stuck in your hair or god forbid making its way down to your top lip like some sort of rogue hairy caterpillar.

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