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A Seamless Intro Into The World of Embroidery


The suggestion of an embroidery class usually conjures up the image of groups of nanas, chatting over tea & biscuits and floral napkin designs. Embroidery classes with Laura Lees however, couldn’t be so far removed. OK, so her techniques may be traditional but that’s as far as it goes. Embellishing the pages of Vogue, dressing the catwalks at fashion week and adorning large scale collaborative projects, her edgy, in your face designs have undoubtedly led fashonistas and crafts enthusiasts to the same conclusion. Embroidery is sew now. In the throes of men’s Fashion Week, Laura invited me to one of her masterclasses so I could try my hand at The Mighty Stitch.

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Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice


With 40 years experience cooking delicious Indian delights for her friends and family, Mrs Curry knows her bhaji from her biryani. The mother of business owner Mohinder, Jas or ‘Mrs Curry’ as she is fondly known, teaches aspiring chefs and Indian food fanatics alike the secrets of her long loved dishes. With a goal of learning 4 starters, 4 mains and 2 desserts all in a day’s work, I hot footed it to Central Street Cookery School to brush up my (non existent) Indian cooking skills.

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Locks, Lashes and Lipstick


Having worked on fashion shoots in the past, I’m no stranger to the skills of makeup artists (AKA miracle workers) who can turn a tired eyed, dull skinned model into a glamorous, glowing goddess. They make it look easy, right? If you’re like me and attempting to recreate looks from your favourite magazines results in ‘two black eyes’ effect as opposed to sexy and sultry, here’s where Remy, Serena and Micky come in. The dynamic trio make up Face Addict Hair Junkie; three ladies whose history designing and producing looks for fashion editorial, runways, music videos and more has given them a reputation across the industry as a brand to watch. With an ethos all about sharing their extensive beauty knowledge and experience with us mere mortals, surely they could teach even moi how to scrub up properly.

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Sweetie Graffiti that’s Out of this World


Heading up the street art movement in the west of the capital is Graffik Gallery; a cool, contemporary arts gallery on the bustling Portobello road in London’s infamous Notting Hill. With the works of artists such as Banksy, Stik, D*Face, Obey and many more splashed across the walls, Graffik Gallery has built a reputation for launching newer artists to dizzying heights.

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water and you Can Make it Spin


In 2011 Frenchman Alain Lellouche launched an exciting new concept on the fitness world. This concept known as ‘aqua spin’ is simply spinning, but in water. Aqua…spin. Geddit? This exercise trend has only recently hit the UK and with a number of classes now available in swimming pools, I took the plunge with Aqua Fit Pro; one of London’s most popular aqua sports providers.

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