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Gin Me


Last weekend, gin-thusiasts of the world united at Shoreditch’s Factory 7 for a celebration of the spirit in all its glory. Showcasing the manufacturing process as well at the beverage in question, Junipalooza said three cheers to the drink of the moment, taking gin lovers on the journey from berry to bottle with a little help from a few tasters along the way.

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Mind, Body & Spirit Festival


Devoted to the pursuit of healthier, more fulfilling and more creative lifestyles, Mind Body and Spirit Festival was the first of its kind. The four day festival is now the largest and longest running wellbeing event in the world, attracting spiritual seekers from across the globe. With this year’s festival bringing with it over 100 of the industry’s most cutting edge exhibitors, therapists, authors and experts, I wanted to find out how Mind Body and Spirit is good for the soul.

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A Chip Off The C-old Block


Fittingly set in the glimmering, glassy surrounds of Canary Wharf; last weekend the annual Ice Sculpting Festival brought the big freeze to the city of London. 10 international teams took on the elements to sculpt, shave and shine their way towards creating icy masterpieces for 3 different categories. Staggered across three days, the cool competition covered ‘River Life’, ‘Freestyle’ and my theme of choice; ‘Fabulous Fashion’.

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A FEAST for the Eyes and Taste Buds


Food obsession runs in my family. Passed down to me from my mother, by her mother and so on and so forth, all we do is talk about food. I remember my first phone call to my mother from the Swiss Alps on my gap year and she said ‘Darling, how are you? Tell me all about what you’ve had to eat!’

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From the Land of the Rising Sun…

With J-Pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu blazing a trail to the UK and celeb fans in Gaga and Gwen – sushi workshops, Hello Kitty and kitsch fashion; Japanese culture is hard to avoid. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit of Sudoku…


I saw a flyer for Hyper Japan knocking around in the Groupon office and as a sushi obsessive, how could I resist!? I hadn’t thought the event would have a massively broad appeal but boy was I wrong!

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