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You Can Lead a Horse to Water and you Can Make it Spin


In 2011 Frenchman Alain Lellouche launched an exciting new concept on the fitness world. This concept known as ‘aqua spin’ is simply spinning, but in water. Aqua…spin. Geddit? This exercise trend has only recently hit the UK and with a number of classes now available in swimming pools, I took the plunge with Aqua Fit Pro; one of London’s most popular aqua sports providers.

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Some Like it Hot!


Yoga isn’t exactly a new craze and if I’m totally honest, I’d always thought of it as ‘exercise’ for hippies and fitness fanatic celebs like Madonna and Gaga. There’s always a lingo between fellow ‘Yogi’s’ (look it up) and I can’t help feeling silly that I don’t really know what ‘Zen’ means. Because trying out a normal yoga class wasn’t extreme enough for my first attempt, I decided to make it unspeakably hot. I’d heard stories of grown men needing to take time out due to the high temperatures and smothering humidity, begging the question: ‘Why on earth do people choose to put themselves through this?’

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Ke-e-e-e-e-ep Dancing!

When I arrived at The Hammersmith Club for my FitSteps session, I couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive. I’ve never been good at dancing; not because I lack a sense of rhythm, but because I can never remember the order of the moves, or the moves themselves for that matter. My nerves were also worsened by the fact I walked straight into the wrong half of the club and said sheepishly to an older gentleman “are you here for the FitSteps?”“No love, I’m here for a pint”. Right.

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AntiGravity Yoga…it’s hard to put it down

I would be lying if I said I exercise regularly. In fact, I would be lying if I said I exercise at all. Damp lost property p.e kit and the dreaded ‘Park Run’ at secondary school? No thanks. ‘The Park Run’: Murmurs of the impending doom circulated the playground before the class and cold sweats were induced. Always a surprise to us, and to the great delight of the P.E teachers, we traipsed and wheezed around the local park in the rain. I always felt a massive sense of achievement once I reached the final checkpoint of the school gates. Thoughts such as ‘wow, I was SO much quicker than last time, I’m really far ahead!’ dissolved as I realised I hadn’t actually done very well, it was just that half the class had given up and were behind the bushes smoking fags.

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