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Groupon Grassroots teams with…Age UK

This week, Groupon Grassroots are partnering with Age UK to help raise funds and awareness for their ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign, helping older people make it through this winter.

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This week, Groupon Grassroots are partnering with The Prince’s Trust to help raise funds and awareness for their LLN programme.

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Give yourself a pat on the back

Groupon Grassroots offers our fans a way to do great things for their local communities, and the initiative is proving to do just that.


For those of you not familiar with Groupon Grassroots, it is the philanthropic arm of Groupon, giving you (our users) the opportunity to discover and help local causes by making a real impact with your kind donations. These special deals are run at no cost to the charity or community partner with them receiving 100 per cent of the donations.

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Did you know that every year, up to 20 child and adolescent suicides are directly attributed to bullying and as many as 1 in 12 children are badly bullied to the point that it affects their education, relationships and even their job prospects in later life? Here at Groupon we weren’t aware of how severe the situation had got here either, until we spoke to the team at Kidscape who are committed to helping children and young people affected by bulling and protecting them from harm.

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Groupon Grassroots teams with…FareShare

Have you ever had to skip dinner? Missed breakfast? Worked through lunch? We all have; our stomachs make that embarrassing gurgling sound and we can be irritable, but we make up for it at our next meal – no big deal. Now imagine that you had to miss those meals on a regular basis because you simply couldn’t afford to buy food. That is the reality for millions of people living in poverty across the UK & IE. Despite this fact, there are millions of tonnes of food wasted every year causing environmental problems including over flowing landfills.

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