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Groupon on the West End – ‘Cinderella – Boom or Bust!’

With November in full swing and Christmas soon upon us, Groupon warmly welcomes in the uniquely British tradition of cheeky songs and slapstick comedy, as well as an array villains and dames…its Pantomime season!

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On a wing and a prey-er

The Birds of Prey Centre in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire was the main task (an experience day) that was filmed whilst on ‘The Insider’. The very next day (after 3 hours sleep) we had to present a review of the experience, as well as a deliver presentation of a potential deal with the centre. My interpretation of the review was this blog post, which I read out to Groupon’s board of directors, the other candidates and unknowingly, The Insider. I wasn’t very well that morning, so when combined with the nerves I was shaking like a leaf. Luckily I was rescued with a cube of chocolate and it all went well (bar the horrifically cheesy gags).

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An Unexpected Journey

For those of you who don’t know me and haven’t seen BBC3’s ‘The Insider‘, I’m Millie, and I’m proud to say I’ve just won what some might consider a dream job at Groupon.


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Welcome to the team Millie!

If you have just finished watching BBC3’s ‘The Insider‘, you’ll have just seen 23-year old Millie Humphries earn her way in as the newest member of the Groupon family. You’ll have also seen our sneaky undercover Sales Director Matt North (now known around the office as ‘Mendacious Matt’) revealed as the Insider. Kudos for keeping your cover Matt – we know it wasn’t easy!

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Who is ‘The Insider’?

Over the past few months, Groupon Towers has lifted its cast iron gate and welcomed in crew from the BBC to film the journey of five young job candidates, all vying for a fast track position at Groupon in the exciting new BBC Three show – ‘The Insider’.

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