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G-Day – My first Day at Groupon

My first day at Groupon HQ was to start slightly differently to those during the competition. I arrived via bicycle as opposed to cab or train and instead of being part of a group of excitable candidates, I was alone.

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Who is ‘The Insider’?

Over the past few months, Groupon Towers has lifted its cast iron gate and welcomed in crew from the BBC to film the journey of five young job candidates, all vying for a fast track position at Groupon in the exciting new BBC Three show – ‘The Insider’.

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The Singing Soup-erman

To say the staff at Groupon are “full of beans” is a statement that’s certainly true, and in some cases literal. They’re also full of Mexican chill, lentil & spinach, and even Thai chicken; all thanks to the soups at the Swan Lane cafe, keeping our staff pepped and ready throughout the day.

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Groupon Towers Gets a Makeover


The Graffiti Kings go to work!


We decided to give our breakout area a facelift on Monday evening, and who better to revamp our logo then the extremely cool and talented Graffiti Kings.


The artwork speaks for itself. We love it!


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