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The G-Team in Edinburgh


One of the (many) perks of having Groupon merchants all over the UK, is that we get to visit them. I do love a good holiday and how on earth can you call it work when you get to board a train to Edinburgh and soak up the sights.

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G-Day – My first Day at Groupon

My first day at Groupon HQ was to start slightly differently to those during the competition. I arrived via bicycle as opposed to cab or train and instead of being part of a group of excitable candidates, I was alone.

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Who is ‘The Insider’?

Over the past few months, Groupon Towers has lifted its cast iron gate and welcomed in crew from the BBC to film the journey of five young job candidates, all vying for a fast track position at Groupon in the exciting new BBC Three show – ‘The Insider’.

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Champione Champione…

Following on from last Friday where we introduced you to the ‘Groupon Gators’; we have some fantastic news to share regarding their exploits at the Corporate Games 2013.

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Getting to Grips with The Groupon Gators

By now you’ve probably realised that Groupon Towers is a hub of sporting activity. We’ve introduced you to our Groupon netball team (The G-Unit), and recently showed you some of the great effort our staff put in at the recent Race for Life event.


However, one of our most successful sporting teams has managed to elude the blog for far too long; but we’ve finally managed the get hold of Groupon football team (a.k.a “The Groupon Gators”), as they embark on their toughest challenge yet – The Corporate Games 2013. We sat down with Deal Scheduler and team captain Jaymin, who gives us the low-down.

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