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What are your eggs saying about you?

Today marks World Egg Day – a day dedicated to this true superfood which provides an excellent source of quality protein, vitamins and minerals – and they’re also very affordable, which means they’re and widely accessible and enjoyed the world over. Egg Day promotes the versatility, taste and all-round goodness of the common egg; but what are your eggs saying about you?


Scientists have statistically uncovered a relationship between a person’s character and lifestyle based upon whether they like their eggs fried, scrambled, poached, as an omelette or boiled.

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Groupon Research Study: Delegation Nation


Are you passing the buck when it comes to your social life, and which of the 5 characters in our study do you relate to the most – are you the ‘Doer’, ‘Forgetter’, ‘Culture Vulture’, ‘Dropout’ or ‘Latecomer’ in your social group?


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Case Study – Wookey Hole Caves

The ancient Wookey Hole Caves lie deep in the cavernous depths of Somerset. Shrouded in 50,000 years of history, there is more than enough for archaeologists and historians to sink their teeth into, including the legend of the Wookey Witch.



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Case Study – Manchester Photographic


Take a closer look at one of our top merchants, Manchester Photographic and how partnering with Groupon has expanded business.


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Like Father…like fun!

LONDON, 5th June 2013 – Father’s Day is just around the corner and recent research suggests that we need to up our game to show just how much our dads mean to us. The research from Groupon UK reveals that over 85% of dads want to try new things with their family and a quarter (27%) have yet to try anything out of their comfort zone.

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