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Ladies…don’t get your hopes up this Valentine’s Day


2,000 adults polled across the UK to determine hopes and expectations for this Valentine’s Day.


In a recent Valentine’s Day Survey, Groupon’s revealed 80% of women wish to receive an exciting experience, something they can add to “once-in-a-lifetime” memories with their partner and tell everyone about.


Ladies rated a weekend away, romantic meal or night at the theatre as their ideal gifts this year. Less desirable were the more traditional flowers, cards – and marriage proposals! Results showed women of today regard Valentine’s Day as a time when men need to invest thought and time into the relationship, and also that almost half of the women polled care about what other couples are doing and if they are having a more romantic time while out having dinner!


To find out how the nations male half of the survey were planning on “treating” their loved ones – and whether they are set to meet expectations or plunder to epic fail status here: Valentines-PDF-FINAL.pdf

Love For Shopping, Shopping In Love!

Groupon and Bloglovin present our biggest Valentine’s Day contest yet!


Love is worth more than anything in the world; however, a lovely gift makes the heart beat even faster. That is why we always try so hard to pick the best present…either for Christmas, birthdays and of course for Valentine’s Day!


We believe that great ideas should be rewarded, so we’ve decided to organise a little contest for you!


All you have to do is to write a blog post about your perfect gift idea. On the 15th of February, a special Groupon and Bloglovin jury will chose three lucky winners who will receive the following prizes:


1st PRIZE: £500 Groupon Voucher


2nd PRIZE: £250 Groupon Voucher

3rd PRIZE: £100 Groupon Voucher


Once you win, you can go on a shopping spree with Groupon!




1. Write a blog post where you present your perfect gift idea!


You can do it in any form you want: a collage, a photo or a text which depicts your ‘perfect day’ – most importantly you tell us what and why would be the best gift idea – no matter if received or given.


2. Include our badge in your blog post – you just need to copy and paste the following HTML-code:

<form action="" method="post"><a href=""><div align="center"><img alt="Love for shopping" src="" /></a></form>


3. Leave a comment below this post including your e-mail address and the link to your blog post!


Simple isn’t it?


So warm up your fingers, grab your camera, check the Groupon site for inspiration, and start typing! Good luck!


Terms and conditions apply:

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