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Groupon joins forces with ODEON


Groupon UK today announced it has teamed up with Britain’s biggest cinema chain, ODEON, to offer film fans two tickets for £10, or five tickets for £20.


The deal is live now and available to buy until 11.59pm on 4th October. Valid for both 2D and 3D screenings, customers can use the vouchers for standard seating at ODEON cinemas across the UK between 25th September and 19th December. You can find this fantastic deal by typing in ‘ODEON’ in the search box on Groupon’s website or by clicking here.

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Groupon Grassroots teams with…Age UK

This week, Groupon Grassroots are partnering with Age UK to help raise funds and awareness for their ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign, helping older people make it through this winter.

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Seams, Hems and Polka Dots

Inspired by London Fashion Week and suffering from SFW (Serious Fashion Withdrawal), I headed to London Textiles Studios in Bow Road, to try my hand at their ‘Make a Dress in a Day’ beginners course that was on Groupon. I was an A grade A-Level Textiles student (boast) so surely this would be a doddle – right?

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AntiGravity Yoga…it’s hard to put it down

I would be lying if I said I exercise regularly. In fact, I would be lying if I said I exercise at all. Damp lost property p.e kit and the dreaded ‘Park Run’ at secondary school? No thanks. ‘The Park Run’: Murmurs of the impending doom circulated the playground before the class and cold sweats were induced. Always a surprise to us, and to the great delight of the P.E teachers, we traipsed and wheezed around the local park in the rain. I always felt a massive sense of achievement once I reached the final checkpoint of the school gates. Thoughts such as ‘wow, I was SO much quicker than last time, I’m really far ahead!’ dissolved as I realised I hadn’t actually done very well, it was just that half the class had given up and were behind the bushes smoking fags.

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On a wing and a prey-er

The Birds of Prey Centre in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire was the main task (an experience day) that was filmed whilst on ‘The Insider’. The very next day (after 3 hours sleep) we had to present a review of the experience, as well as a deliver presentation of a potential deal with the centre. My interpretation of the review was this blog post, which I read out to Groupon’s board of directors, the other candidates and unknowingly, The Insider. I wasn’t very well that morning, so when combined with the nerves I was shaking like a leaf. Luckily I was rescued with a cube of chocolate and it all went well (bar the horrifically cheesy gags).

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